Fiesta Committee Again!

Debs preparing food for La Murta fiesta 2009

Well, after enjoying the fruits of the 2010 fiesta commission’s hard work and labours we felt obliged to accept when the “honour” of being on the 2011 committee was bestowed upon us.

So, that means for the next 11 months we’ll collectively fund-raise, bingo (I know it’s not a verb!), make dinner for hordes of people, take photos, dress up as kings, waiter, clean, plan, argue, laugh, shout, taste, listen (well some of us will), decide and eventually we’ll be ready to party!

We were on the committee in 2008 & 2009 – it was exhausting and incredibly fun. We made new friends, learnt more about our village, cemented relationships and vowed we’d never do it again.


Fiesta 2010 Program (English)

Fiesta Program 2010

Fiesta band on stage
Fiesta band on stage

Saturday 24th April – OAP’s Day

14:00 h. Lunch for all the elderly from the village
16:30 h. Caliche at the teleclub (game played in Spain) for the local league
23:00 h, Band – BULEVAR.
02:00 h. Bread and sobrasada for snacks. Continue reading “Fiesta 2010 Program (English)”

Fiesta 2010 Program (Spanish)

Programación Festiva 2010

Sábado 24 de Abril Día de Tercera la Edad
14:00 h. Gran comida. Para todos los socios pensionist as en la “Venta El Campo”, durante el transcurso de la cual se elegirá REINA 2010 de los MAYORES.
16:30 h. Gran Tirada de Caliche. Grandes premios y merienda para todos los participantes.
23:00 h, Verbena. Amenizada por el Trío BULEVAR.
02:00 h. Pan con sobrasada. Continue reading “Fiesta 2010 Program (Spanish)”